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The craft of enameling is known to have existed in approx. 1800 BC. An inorganic mass mostly comprising silicates and oxides is melted on metal at temperatures of around 800°C and forms a fixed, almost indissoluble bond with the metal.

Our enamel plates are manufactured in one of the last workshops which still practices this expensive, complex craft. The Mel Ramos enamels currently being produced of "Mixed Nuts", "Tea at 5 pm", "Miss America" and "Photoshop CS" are manufactured largely by hand in a size which has never been created before. With 22 enamel colors and the raised surface structure, they can safely be described as something absolutely new.

Each wall sculpture is made of steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm and weighs between 5 and 10 kg. The enamel edition is approx. 3 cm deep, the figures are raised above this.

The raising and large format of each figure meant that the hand-stenciling of the figures created extreme tension in the steel which could only be offset by enameling the reverse three times.


Enamel colors are lightfast and resistant to sunlight and UV rays (blue does not fade to gray, red stays red and even white does not turn yellow).


Enameled surfaces are as hard as glass. The metal carrier and the colors melt together during burning and create an almost indissoluble composite material. It cannot be infiltrated by rust.

Environmentally friendly

Enameled steel is made entirely of natural, inorganic raw materials and can be recycled.


The glassy enamel surface is antistatic and almost cleans itself. Dust is removed using clear water and a clean, soft cloth. Please take care when cleaning over the signature: Mel Ramos adds his signature using a lightfast and water-resistant pen once the enameling process is finished and after he has checked each plate. However, it may not be subjected to abrasion or any cleaning agents or solvents!

Care of the Gold Edition

For aesthetic reasons, only the edges of the leaf gold are sealed to make sure that it keeps its warm glow. The sculpture is optimally protected by the frame.