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Delicious in Color

Artist Mel Ramos´ Playboy Project, which was created from 1975 — 1977, was the first occasion that inspired us to release a very small number of copies of an enamel sign to bring back to life the craftsmanship of a traditional advertising and reproduction technique — as a revival so to speak.

Back then, the global vision as well as the lifestyle — not only of the youth in America — changed rapidly. Rock and Roll conquered the music world and pop art the universe of visual arts. To date, neither one of them have lost much of their cool. In fact, the opposite is true!

As the pop artist of the U.S. West Coast, Mel Ramos made significant contributions to this evolution in its very first hours. Pop art continues to enjoy enormous popularity — not only among the generation of art lovers who have been dedicated to it since the 1960s and 1970s, but also — and especially — among young emerging art buyers. The term "pop" was established by the pop art world and as a result of its use in this genre of the arts, it eventually made its way into common language. It has manifested itself permanently in terms such as pop music and pop idol.

Enamel Edition:
Delicious in Color

Delicious in Color is the second and final part of the Special Edition, which began with “Golden Delicious” in 2011. These wall sculptures in 12-color enamel on steel are instantly recognisable by the embossed Bunny motif template. The Edition comprises 6 color variants of 10 pieces each, all of which are hand signed and numbered from 1 to 10.

The sculpture is delivered in a solid travel box made by a joiner using black MDF, which also can be used as a frame. The sculpture is kept in the box by 6 powerful magnets; the palladium cannot be rubbed off. The Palladium Edition can be removed using the enclosed fabric gloves, and can also be hung without a frame.

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Detailed view
„Delicious in Color“

Travel case made of black MDF offers optimal protection during transportation and can be used as framing.