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Mel Ramos und Rupert Schroeder

Rupert Schroeder as the sole publisher of enamel editions or enamel posters / signs of the artist Mel Ramos has handed the sale of its editions to Atilla Kirbas.

The acquisition of the works is done.

Family Kirbas and Mel Ramos in Spain with the Enamel Edition.

Mel Ramos Enamel edition originally published by Rupert Schroeder

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Mel Ramos is an American artist and one of the
most important exponents of pop art.

+++ Delicious in Color +++

Delicious in Color is the second and final part of the Special Edition, which began with “Golden Delicious” in 2011. These wall sculptures in 12-color enamel on steel are instantly recognisable by the embossed Bunny motif template. The Edition comprises 6 color variants of 10 pieces each, all of which are hand signed and numbered from 1 to 10.

Mel Ramos Golden Delicious Mel Ramos Photoshop CS Mel Ramos Miss America Mel Ramos Mixed Nuts Mel Ramos Tea at 5 pm

Golden Delicious
Price on request*

Photoshop CS
Price on request*

Miss America
Price on request*

Mixed Nuts
Price on request*

Tea at 5 pm
Price on request*

* Prices without obligation

Unterschrift Mel Ramos