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Rupert Schroeder

Born in 1935

in Essen

Since 1975

National and international art publisher

Since 1991

Alternates between homes in Germany and Spain (Calaceite)


First meeting with Mel Ramos in Spain; Ramos has been living and working in the neighboring town of Horta de San Juan (approx. 15 km as the crow flies) since the 1970s. "With clear weather and good binoculars we could see each other on the terrace!"

Since 2000

Artistic collaboration and creation of the Mel Ramos Enamel Edition, issued for the art market exclusively by Rupert Schroeder. Every original Mel Ramos enamel on the market came and comes from Rupert Schroeder's company


Cooperation with Atilla Kirbas and handover of the complete enamel editions at the ART42 Art Trade

Rupert Schroeder

Rupert Schroeder