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Gold Edition

A unique sculpture has been added to the Mel Ramos enamel edition in the form of "Golden Delicious". For the first time, the raised, hand-stencilled motif has been transferred to a background of gold leaf. The 23-carat ducat gold is randomly cut into various triangles and applied by hand. The resulting triangular decoration creates a different kind of reflective effect, which is what gives the artwork its unique character. The gold-coated edge of the object is then sealed with varnish.

The sculpture is delivered in a solid travel box made by a joiner using black MDF, which also can be used as a frame. The sculpture is kept in the box by 6 powerful magnets; the gold cannot be rubbed off. The Gold Edition can be removed using the enclosed fabric gloves, and can also be hung without a frame.

Numbered and hand-signed

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Detail Goldedition

Detailed view
„Golden Delicious“

Detail Goldedition


Detail Goldedition

Travel case made of black MDF offers optimal protection during transportation and can be used as framing.